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Support That Makes a Difference


Kristie’s guidance always comes from the heart. She actively listens to what is on my mind and in my heart before giving me any guidance or advice. She has a great talent for providing a new perspective while still honoring mine. Kristie has encouraged me to be brave in my relationship and lean into a new healthy relationship path rather than end it and run away. She is always available to talk with me and I am thankful for all her words, heart and time.


Researching and Writing

Coaching Sessions

Helping you live the life you want

Dealing with tough times? Feeling stuck? Wishing something would just go right for once? Let's talk. I can give you some tools to manage stress, meet your goals and find new ways of being. Let's create a life you love!


Hey there, I'm Kristie!


Life can throw some crazy stuff at us and sometimes we can get stuck in a rut just solving those day to day problems. But what about the other dreams and goals you have? Those matter too! 


I love helping people solve problems and I'm really good at seeing where things are going in the wrong direction. This means I can help you find those things that are keeping you from getting to your goals AND find solutions that will work for you. 

So, why work with me?

  • I’m a knowledge junkie - I will find answers to any question that comes up! I also have a few degrees, including a BA in psychology and a MA in criminology. I am a certified life coach and I’m a certified educator for the Gottman Institute Bringing Baby Home program. I also have training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy (Level 1) and as a doula.

  • I’m the stranger you’d pick to sit next to on the bus, I’m just that approachable. 

  • I’m really good at keeping private stuff to myself; your privacy is super important to me.

  • I’m a pretty fab listener and I have broad shoulders to cry on when needed.

  • I’m aware of how our past traumas impact our experiences and take it seriously.

  • I think families come in all sorts of configurations and I am happy to support whatever family looks like for you.

  • My kids say I am funny and give good hugs (and we all know kids are honest to a fault).


So, what do you say? Let’s chat about how I can support you!